Cameron Gorrie

Software architect, entrepreneur, mentor

Email, or call 647.551.9485

Selected work experience

Top Hat (Director of Engineering)
Apr 2019 to present
As part of the leadership team of the Product & Engineering department, my duties have been diverse. Internal to Engineering, I've spent my time mentoring ICs, coaching team and technology leads, building software architecture and documentation, and designing and running group sessions (such as premortems). Organization-wide, I played a key role in adapting Basecamp's Shape Up for our business (then working cross-functionally to adopt it). A large facet of my responsibilities in 2020 have revolved around stakeholder management and being a partner to Product in shaping the future of classrooms in higher education.
At the core of this is the people-centric approach that I bring to everything I do. I've been part of and contributed our internal communications strategy, ensuring that a number of business pivots and reorganizations were received warmly by our developers, leads, and partners across the organisation. This has meant providing as much transparency as possible on decision-making happening at the exec level, while being clear and pragmatic about next steps, and sometimes pushing back and challenging those in senior leadership positions to build solutions that work for the whole business.
Recently, I directed our initiative to bring video streaming to our classroom offering. This meant building a WebRTC-based proof-of-concept, evaluating different vendors, contract negotiation, post-sales relationship management, and building knowledge about video inside of our team. I'm grateful to work at a company with supremely talented individuals and a meaningful mission.

Lighthouse Labs (Mentor, lecturer)
May 2018 to Apr 2019
Students in the web development immersive program at Lighthouse embark on a 10 week program to learn how to build software using Javascript, React, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL. As a mentor, I helped students get "unstuck" and tried to transfer some of my high-level knowledge and instil best practices. I also prepared and gave lectures to complement the course material (an example).

Robin Media (CTO, co-founder)
September 2016 to August 2018
In late summer 2016, we set out to take on companies like Ticketmaster and StubHub with a consumer-centric, demand-side approach to ticketing: ticket reservations. We iterated on this approach for a year and a half (including participating in the Techstars Music 2017 accelerator in Los Angeles) before pivoting and switching to a B2B event concierge approach.
Management responsibilities included managing the development team, splitting product management duties with our design lead, performing user interviews and crafting narratives, sprint planning, and working with my co-founders to craft company vision. In addition, I led development efforts, building proof-of-concept systems, choosing the right technologies, managing technical debt, and making sure our products were deployed properly.

Street Contxt (Software developer)
March to September 2016
Part of a development team responsible for maintaining and adding features to a research exchange/marketplace web application aimed towards investment banks. Technologies used include Scala/Java, Solr, PostgreSQL, Apache Spark, Webpack, React, Knockout.

LyricFind (Team lead)
June 2012 to March 2016
Project manager/software team lead (of 8) for a music lyric licensing provider. Successfully delivered a project to rebuild our backend system (Spring MVC/MariaDB/Solr), precipitated by a fundamental business direction shift.
Management responsibilities included interviewing/hiring full-time and co-op developers, setting short- and medium-term development goals, motivating and challenging the team, leading collaborative design sessions, building time projections and gathering requirements/scope from the CEO/CTO in order to deliver their vision. UI and UX design and prototyping for multiple internal data entry systems.

Other substantial projects I've worked on include Live Lecture (an education-focused video streaming platform built with Python and Wowza), DCS Infosys (a project to digitise the records of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto), and JSCOOP (a Java/Eclipse implementation of the SCOOP paradigm from Eiffel).

Selected technical skills

Front-endReact, Gatsby, Webpack, Apollo, styled-components, react-virtualized
Back-endNode.js, Java, Python, C, GraphQL (Apollo), PostgreSQL, JOOQ, Redis, ElasticSearch, email deliverability, GLSL
TestingJest, JUnit, Selenium
ProductJIRA, Confluence, Trello
Devops*nix proficiency, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Netlify, Heroku
AI / MLOpenCV, scikit-learn, NumPY, NLTK


University of Toronto
September 2006 to August 2010
H.B.Sc. with Distinction, Computer Science
Specialty in Artificial Intelligence, Parallel Processing


Available by request.